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Added Tagging to BlogApp

I added tagging functionality to the BlogApp. It's similar to other sites using tagging where you add keywords or "tags" to the posts so that viewers can click on a tag and find all posts related to that tag.

For now, finding posts with a specific tag is limited to listing out all the tags, clicking on the...

Adding CRM Functionality to Project Useful

Project Useful is still under heavy development. As the project management side of the system matures and becomes more ... useful, I've found that there's a need for more CRM-like functionality. Tracking contacts, phone calls, emails, and text messages regarding various projects is as important as tracking the work itself. Instead of...

BlogApp, Day Two

The BlogApp is coming along. I'm building it so that some of the generic pages (like About) are served from the blog itself. Normally, I'd build a page controller that pointed to a hard-coded page that had to be updated with an application deployment and restart. By using a