Why I’m Suddenly Very Vocal About Being #LGBTQ
Published 2018-10-24 by wbhauck in

I’ve been asked why I’m suddenly very vocal about being in the #LGBTQ community. There are two main reasons: discrimination and violence against the community.

People are bing assaulted more and more. People are bing murdered simply because they are gay.

As for discrimination there are no federal laws prohibiting discrimination outside of federal employment. Trump is trying to ban transgender troops from the military. Businesses are discriminating against LGBTQ customers using “religious freedom” as an excuse.

It is currently legal in many states to deny housing because someone is LGBTQ. Health insurance companies in many states are free to deny coverage for treatments and procedures.

And perhaps the thing that inspired me the most is that a member of my own family told me that I should not be allowed to marry another man because of their religious views. This person told me that they would always love and accept me when I came out back in 1991. They said they love me. But some 27 years later they don’t think I’m worthy of the same rights they have. I love this family member. We’re very close. But not as close as I thought.